Working toward a
better tomorrow together
in a sustainable manner.

We contribute to tomorrow's development by offering expert services for real estate management.

A sustainably profitable built environment is our goal. As our operation is based on a customer-oriented approach, we are always searching for solutions in an interactive manner.

Real estate management consulting

The extensive experience of our specialists and our comprehensive real estate management consultation service allow us to support the objectives of your organization on all levels of real estate management ranging from the development of strategy to its deployment for operational activities.

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Lifecycle and value management

The timing and the extent of a renovation investment impacts the technical value of the property as well as its market value and net yield. By optimizing the timing and extent of renovation investments, you can avoid disproportionate renovation investments and access more accurate assessments of performance, while maintaining conditions that are appropriate for the intended purpose.

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Technical and environmental Due diligence (TEDD) services for real estate transactions

We produce impartial technical, environmental due diligence (TEDD) assessments as well as ESG Due diligence assessments for vendor and buyer and to support decision-making and sales negotiations, whether related to an individual property or a more extensive real estate portfolio. Our experienced team of specialists acts as a consulting partner in an interactive manner throughout the entire process.

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