About us

We are a dependable specialist partner in the real estate sector, supplying information-based real estate management specialist services to property owners and investors, and to the public sector. Our digital solution for life cycle management of properties, Conmer BI, supports comprehensive administration of real estate maintenance and management by information.

Why choose Conmer?

For our broad expertise

We understand the technical and financial management of real estate assets. Identifying areas for real estate improvement requires an appreciation of various perspectives, ranging from repairs, maintenance and real estate development to usability and comfort, KPIs and financing.

For a close partnership

Our clients appreciate a professional and personal service. We assign a flexible, experienced, in-house specialist backed by a strong team and partner network to every client business.

For an individual solution in real estate life cycle management

We harness technology smoothly in support of our recommendations and decisions through our proprietary Conmer BI Business Intelligence solution for real estate asset life cycle management.

The Conmer BI tool deploys regional big data in support of investment and project decisions ranging from real estate data to demographic projections and traffic volumes, seeking to formulate a comprehensive overview of the technical value of buildings and of growth in repair liabilities in accordance with planned repair measures. Managing maintenance by information helps you prioritise property portfolio repair investments according to the targets assigned for sites.

Our clients have access to the Conmer BI tool. This solution gives our clients clear and current information about the area, and about the impact of planned repair measures on growth in the technical value of buildings, repair liabilities, and attainment of the technical target level.

For flexibility and cost-effectiveness

We are proud of our capable professionals and dependable partners. We can also call on our network for support in realising major packages in a flexible way. We help our clients manage and grow their real estate assets efficiently. This means having a clear strategy, optimal repair, and improvement measures, detailed financial management, and successful, comprehensive data-based project decisions.

Our clients

Our clients are Finnish and Nordic real estate owners, real estate companies, institutional investors, and the public sector.

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